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big brother is watching you :o !!!!

1984 is a brilliant, brilliant novel. Not just just a good story, but a genius portrayal of sheer totalitarianism.

Contemporary dystopias, particularly YA (you know what I mean) have the tendency of making the government very fallible, and almost weak, so dependable. Big Brother never had that, they were so thorough and had everything so secure they could never be fought against. And the inherent ability for the government to persevere is what makes it such a good book.

Contemporary works believe the power is in the individual or in the masses, and it's nice to believe that. But the proletariat are just so used to their existence, it would never happen, that's the truth.....

I'v loved the way how Orwell described people ,society every every thing was just perfect 

still in Big brother is watching you's effect :p (y)