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Into the Wild - Jon Krakauer

Everyone looks at Christopher McCandless story as one that should push people to go out, in the wild, alone, to find freedom. No one looks at the message Christopher sent: a person can find him/herself struggling to live in this society (a capitalistic and globalized one, where one consumes to always consume more - i.e. buying brand new phones when your own is still working, or a new car because it is more beautiful than the one you have) but you cannot change the society from outside, alienating yourself in the wild, with no contact with that "society". Christopher tried to go back in that society, he built his own awareness, he understood he needed people and things around him to be happy, not the extreme and sometimes empty wildness. And as you can see, he remains 113 days in the wild. But travels for 2 long years, meeting people, not feeling alone at all. To sum up, I believe you can be free everywhere, if your soul is free. You can love others, if you love yourself. And traveling is a way of being free and of loving, with no necessities to "close" yourself in the wild. And believe me, though you may sometimes decide to travel alone (so with no people you know) you will never be alone along the route, as you will meet those who will make up your traveling days and experiences - and everything will make more sense and will be more amazing. "Happiness only real when shared" C.J. McCandless.